Our Team
Jay Cavaiani
Lead Pastor
Jay loves to work with seekers and those with a desire to grow in their journey of faith.  He authored a book titled, “Altar’d” which offers faith building evidence helping people to have the joy of becoming full in faith. You may get a copy from church, at altardthebook.com or on Amazon. Jay has been married for over 20 years to his lovely bride Kelly (school teacher at Swallow Elementary in Hartland) and they have 3 children together – Jacob (University of Missouri), Abigail (Senior at KM High) and Caleb (Sophomore at KM High).  Jay and Kelly enjoy watching their kids sports and activities, golfing, reading, running, hiking and the outdoors.
Bible Verse: Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
Food: PIZZA!!
Movie: Dreamer, Saving Private Ryan
Books: The Energy Bus and other books written by Jon Gordon. And a props out to my own book, “Altar’d”. I still reread it from time to time for a faith boost!
Sports: I’m a homer for all Wisconsin teams and any team my kids are playing on
Free time: Golf, hike, hunt, read
Dream vacation: My wife and I have always said we’re going to Hawaii for our 25th.  It’s getting near! Also, a golf vacation to Europe and lastly but maybe firstly a trip to the Holy Land
A cup of coffee: Tiger Woods and I would want to bring my book and try to convince him to read it.
Stranded?:Nothing creative…
Jay Walls
Assoc/Worship Pastor
Bible Verse: Philippians 1:6 
Quote: “Are the things you’re living for worth Christ dying for?”—Leonard Ravenhill
Foods: If I could jump into a vat of my favorite foods, you would find me swimming in BBQ ribs, wadding in a pool of cheese, using crab legs as my flotation device, and slathering mashed potatoes as my UV protectant!
Movies: It’s hard for a movie enthusiast to narrow this down, but of those movies I never tire of watching are The Lord of Rings Trilogy, O Brother Where Art Thou, anything Marvel, and the Kendrick Brothers movies.
Books: The Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer), The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun),
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers and Ohio State Buckeyes—-is there really anything out there that can compare?
Free time: Other than spending most of my free time discussing with my beautiful wife, “What should we do today?” I love being with my wife and children, going to Starbucks for coffee, watching movies, playing my guitar, and cooking. I do work out on a regular basis, but I would call that more of a “love-hate” relationship!  
Dream vacation: Tahiti—in one of the little huts on the water of a crystal clear lagoon, sipping fresh squeezed limeades, eating exotic seafood—but if not, a road trip through the South that would include stopping at all of the famous BBQ joints.
A cup of coffee: David Brainerd or George Mueller. Men of prayer, faith, and sacrifice for the sake of the gospel! But even if they didn’t show up, I’d still go get coffee! 
Stranded? I would definitely have to bring my guitar!
Nathan Schindler
Executive Pastor